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Security Cameras and Accessories

Security Cameras and AccessoriesProtect profits and stop theft with Security Cameras and Accessories that really work to prevent revenue loss. Fighting shoplifting and theft can be done with modest effort and expense. You can monitor store traffic, and know when customers enter and exit your store. A low cost entry chime motion sensor can be attached to the wall easily next to the door to announce visitors. Fake security cameras are exceptionally realistic to frustrate thieves and help prevent loss. Gain peace of mind with real security systems, complete audio/video systems with small cameras and a monitor. Security mirrors are very effective, and let you see what activities are going on around your store. Security chains protect valuable garments and prevent `grab and run` theft.

Simulated (Fake) Security Camera
simulated fake security camera
Item Number: SC
Fool potential shoplifters by having multiple cameras throughout your store. Small, modern looking camera is a fraction of the cost of a real system. Flashing red LED light on the front for added realism operates on two "C" batteries (not included).
» $45.00 each
Convex Acrylic Security Mirrors
convex acrylic security mirrors
Item Number: DR18, DR26, DR30
Available in three different sizes: 18", 26" and 30" diameter in high-impact acrylic. Adjustable round detector mirrors enable you to see around corners and blind spots. Complete with mounting brackets for easy installation. (Click picture for pricing)
Two-Tone Entry Chime
twotone entry chime
Item Number: M280
Motion sensor can be mounted on a wall or near a doorway. Unit detects motion up to 15 ft away, and emits a two-tone chime, or choice of 2 melodies, with a switch-controlled high or low volume setting. Uses four "AA" batteries (not included).
» $49.00 each
Security Rings and Cable
security rings and cable
Item Number: MSCB
Secure your high-end garments. Locking 45" long cable loops around your hangrail, and runs down through the garments sleeve. The 8" diameter chrome ring is then locked to the chain at the bottom of the sleeve, preventing "grab and run" theft.
» $4.25 per set
Plastic Cable-Tie Connectors:
plastic cabletie connectors:
Item Number: 08476
Multipurpose 7" length, white high strength plastic cable ties can be used as an alternative to security rings and chains, as an inexpensive way to secure hangers to garment racks and help prevent "grab and run" theft. Packed 100 cable ties per package.
» $8.90 for (100) ties
Counterfeit Currency Detector Money Pen
counterfeit currency detector money pen
Item Number: PCD
Stops counterfeiters from passing bad bills. Just rub pen tip across bill. A yellow or amber mark indicates that bill is good - dark brown or black means its not. Pen is designed to work on U.S. currency. Buy one for each register! Measures 5" long.
» $6.90 each
5.5 inch Wide x 7 inch High inchShoplifters inch Store Policy Cards
55 inch wide x 7 inch high  inchshoplifters inch store policy cards
Item Number: BPS002
Let potential thieves know that shoplifting will not be tolerated with this store policy sign stating: "All Shoplifters Will Be Prosecuted". Black plastic sign is printed on one side. Displays easily using the 5-1/2" x 7" acrylic sign holder shown below.
» $3.25 each
5.5 inch Wide x 7 inch High Acrylic Countertop Sign Holder for Store Policy Cards
55 inch wide x 7 inch high acrylic countertop sign holder for store policy cards
Item Number: CT75
Two-sided bottom loading countertop sign holder displays the "Shoplifters Will Be Prosecuted" store policy cards shown above. Made of clear acrylic, creates an upscale look that displays your message, not the sign holder. Use anywhere in your store.
» $4.25 each
Sliding Door Locks for Display Cases
sliding door locks for display cases
Item Number: 963
Secure the sliding doors of your showcases with this optional ratchet bar lock. Adjustable ratchet lock slips over the edges of 1/4" thick sliding hardboard or glass doors to lock sliding showcase doors. Comes complete with two keys. Chrome finish.
» $6.90 each
Complete Electronic Article Surveillance System
complete electronic article surveillance system
Item Number: VECTOR
Easy-to-use Vector system includes everything needed to set up and monitor both bar code labels and plastic hard tags shown below. Includes one self-standing transceiver upright post, and one integrated deactivator pad. (Click picture for more details)...
» $1,995.00 complete system
Roll of 1,000 Adhesive Bar Code Labels for Electronic Article Surveillance System
roll of 1000 adhesive bar code labels for electronic article surveillance system
Item Number: KT2112
Order 1-1/2" x 1-5/8" bar code labels for use with our EAS System shown above. Labeled merchandise that has not been deactivated will transmit an audible signal when passing through the field of the Vector transceiver upright post. 1,000 labels per roll.
» $89.00 for (1,000) labels
Pack of 500 Mini Plastic Hard Tags for Electronic Article Surveillance System
pack of 500 mini plastic hard tags for electronic article surveillance system
Item Number: 8.2MHT
Order plastic hard tags for use with our EAS system shown above. Tagged merchandise that has not been deactivated will transmit an audible signal when passing through the field of the transceiver upright post. Removed by using the detacher shown below.
» $295.00 for (500) plastic tags
Detacher Tool for Mini Plastic Hard Tags
detacher tool for mini plastic hard tags
Item Number: DETACH
The attractive round chrome detacher tool allows for quick and easy removal of plastic hard tags (shown above) from merchandise and apparel. Its small size fits easily on even the busiest checkout counter.
» $97.50 each