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Make shopping easier for your customer with attractive plastic merchandise bags, and deluxe kraft paper bags. Or select beautiful embossed gift boxes in popular sizes. Gift certificates will add a finishing touch and promote your image.

Jewelry Gift Boxes
jewelry gift boxes
Item Number: BX2, BX3, BX2782
1" high white jewelry boxes are available in three different sizes. Durable hard sided boxes are perfect for packaging or transporting jewelry. Each box includes cotton filler. Priced and packed 100 jewelry boxes per carton (Click picture for pricing)
One-Piece Gift Boxes
onepiece gift boxes
Item Number: BX4
One-piece white gift boxes come with a flip-up style top and a white interior. Measures 4" high, 4" wide, and 4" deep from front to back. Perfect for smaller items such as coffee mugs, small gift items, etc. Packed and priced 100 gift boxes per carton.
» $52.00 for (100) boxes
White Two-Piece Apparel Boxes
white twopiece apparel boxes
Item Number: 611A, 615A
Two very popular sizes: 11" long, 8" wide, and 1-1/2" high for lingerie, blouses, and children"s wear; or 15" long, 9-1/2" wide, and 2" high for shirts, slacks, skirts, and towels. Packed and priced 100 apparel boxes per carton. (Click picture for pricing)
White Tissue Paper
white tissue paper
Item Number: 1MGW
Top quality tissue paper, smooth on both sides. Measures 18" wide x 29" long. Packed 480 sheets per ream. Create beautiful gift packaging easily. Adds a touch of class, great for use with gift boxes.
» $34.00 for (480) sheets
Thank You Plastic Shopping Bags with Loop-Handles
thank you plastic shopping bags with loophandles
Item Number: PBTY
Strong and economical white poly bags with "Thank You" printed in red. Measures 11" wide x 21" high, including 6" long loop handles, with 6" deep side gussets. Works great with the bag holder stand shown below. Priced and packed 1,000 bags per carton.
» $39.00 for (1,000) bags
Bag Holder Stand For Plastic Shopping Bags
bag holder stand for plastic shopping bags
Item Number: TBR
Easy-to-use bag holder stand allows you to load and dispense shopping bags. Keeps bags handy, neat and in place. Measures 16" high, 12" wide, and 11"deep. (Fits our "Thank You" shopping bags, and our standard loop-handle shopping bags shown above).
» $38.00 each
White Kraft (Paper) Shopping Bags
white kraft paper shopping bags
Item Number: G8, G16, G169
Choice of three sizes: 8" wide x 10" high x 4" deep; 16" wide x 12" high x 6" deep; or 16" wide x 19" high x 6" deep. White matte Kraft shopping bags with smooth rope handles are elegant and attractive for a prestigious image (Click picture for pricing)
Plastic Shopping Baskets
plastic shopping baskets
Item Number: BAS902
Encourage multi-item sales by making it easy for your customers to shop and carry more merchandise. Plastic baskets in red color measure 17" wide, 12" deep from front to back, and 8-1/2" high, with double plastic handles. Super strong for long life.
» $9.50 each