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Display Head Forms

Display Head FormsOur line of Display Head Forms is the most popular way to show hats, caps, sunglasses, wigs, scarves, Halloween masks, and more. These versatile displays are available in economical Styrofoam display heads, or our popular clear plastic display head forms. Display heads are in stock for fast, same-day shipping.

Clear Plastic Display Head Form
clear plastic display head form
Item Number: FH002
Clear rigid plastic form is strong and durable; contemporary, unisex design style with distinctive left/right side facial appearance. Functional overlapped ear lobes allow complete versatility for mens or womens hats, glasses, headsets, etc.
» $19.90 each
Clear Plastic Display Head with Ear Canals
clear plastic display head with ear canals
Item Number: FH-ER
This new line of contemporary unisex head form has fully functional ears with earlobes and realistic ear canals, great for use with ear sets, hearing aids, headphones, glasses, etc. Rigid clear plastic designed with human-like features.
» $25.00 each
Ladies Styrofoam Display Heads
ladies styrofoam display heads
Item Number: 800W
White Styrofoam display heads are lightweight and inexpensive, and are excellent for hats, sunglasses, wigs, scarves, jewelry, Halloween masks, and more. Ladies display heads measure 11" high, and are perfect for countertops or shelves.
» $5.90 each
Nickel-Plated T-Pins
nickelplated tpins
Item Number: 24TP
Strong, quality nickel-plated T-pins used for styling, sewing, and display. Holds masks, wigs, and hats firmly on our Styrofoam display head forms, and many other uses. Measures 1-1/4" length. Sold in a 1/2 lb box.
» $15.00 for 1/2 lb box