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Countertop Display Stands

Countertop Display StandsWe also offer immediate shipping on cost effective Countertop Display Stands, with display hanger tops that let you feature merchandise on counters, shelves, and as garment rack toppers.

21 inch Wide Flexible Hanger with Adjustable Stand_
21 inch wide flexible hanger with adjustable stand
Item Number: 23003C
21" long black padded hanger is bendable, and can be formed to desired shape. And the chrome upright stand (included) adjusts from 20-1/2" to 30" high. Can be used with most clothing sizes from toddler`s to men`s sizes (great for big and tall sizes).
» $25.00 each
21 inch Wide Black Padded Flexible Hanger_
21 inch wide black padded flexible hanger
Item Number: 23006B
21" wide padded flexible hanger form, with swivel hook, that can be adjusted and bent to desired shape. Can be used with the single hook stand shown below. Fits the majority of clothing sizes from toddlers to men`s sizes (great for big and tall sizes).
» $3.90 each
Adjustable Single Hook Stand
adjustable single hook stand
Item Number: 1810
This chrome display adjusts from 18" to 36" high on a 6" diameter round base. Holds any display hangers shown above or below to make an instant display. This stand is great for use on countertops, rack toppers, or in display windows.
» $19.90 each
17 inch Wide Display Hangers_
17 inch wide display hangers
Item Number: 202
Black plastic wide shoulder hanger measures 1-1/2" deep from front to back, with a chrome swivel hook. These display hangers can hang from a hook, or can be used with the adjustable single hook stands shown above. Great for full shoulder fashion garments.
» $4.90 each
15.5 inch Wide Coordinate Display Hangers_
155 inch wide coordinate display hangers
Item Number: H122, H123
Available in black or white. Measures 1-1/2" deep from front to back, with a 4" long chrome swivel hook top, and a 10" long drop attachment with clips. Keeps the skirt hanging at the waist level where it belongs, for a more natural look.
» $6.90 each
Low Cost, Self-Standing Male Torso Forms
low cost selfstanding male torso forms
Item Number: 42B, 42W
Available in black or white plastic finish. One-piece body form measures 25" high, 20-1/2" wide, and 3-1/2" deep, ships flat. Easy assembly, bottom folds up to make a 10" molded base, with included double-sided tape. Wears men`s size medium clothing.
» $16.50 each
Low Cost, Self-Standing Female Torso Forms
low cost selfstanding female torso forms
Item Number: 43B
Available in black finish only. One-piece body form measures 24" high, 19-1/2" wide, and 4-1/2" deep, ships flat. Easy assembly, bottom folds up to make a 10" molded base, with included double-sided tape. Wears women`s size medium clothing.
» $16.50 each
Glove Display Hands~
glove display hands~
Item Number: G4L, G4R
Available in left or right display hands. Perfect for displaying gloves or jewelry(not for rings). Made of flesh tone vinyl with decorative cuffs. Color infused in vinyl. Doesn`t peel, crack, fade, or chip. Measures 12" high.
» $19.90 each
Clear Acrylic Shirt Display Easels
clear acrylic shirt display easels
Item Number: 1078
Each display measures 7" wide, and 12" high, with a 1-1/4" opening, and a 3" high front lip. Made of 1/8" thick clear acrylic. This display easel is ideal for displaying a single shirt.
» $10.50 each