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Hanger Accessories and Store Supplies

Hanger Accessories and Store SuppliesThere are many types of retail supplies and equipment necessary to keep a retail store running smoothly. We carry a full line of Hanger Accessories and Store Supplies to keep your store customer friendly and solve your merchandising needs. Hanger accessories such as hanger stackers, foam pad hanger covers, reaching rods, and size dividers are indispensable. And hanger helpers like assorted hanging clips, specialty hooks, and hang tabs all help solve retail problems for hard-to-hang merchandise. Attractive plastic shopping baskets make it easy for your customers to shop and carry more merchandise. Other retail store supplies such as bagging dispenser racks are used with plastic garment bags on rolls to offer protection for your garments.

Foam Pad Hanger Covers
foam pad hanger covers
Item Number: FP62, FP63
Available in charcoal grey or white color. Easily stretches over both ends of full 17" wide hanger surface. Works wonders to keep hard-to-hang garments in place, and stops clothes from falling off hangers. Priced and packed 100 foam covers per package.
» $9.90 for (100) foam covers
Foam Pad Hanger Strips
foam pad hanger strips
Item Number: G50
Self-adhesive grey foam strips are a non-slipping, cost effective way to stop garments from falling off hangers. Just attach hanger strips to each end of hangers. Each foam strip measures 3/8" wide x 4" long. Priced and packed 200 foam strips per roll.
» $6.50 for (200) foam strips
Plastic Piggyback Hanger Connectors
plastic piggyback hanger connectors
Item Number: M301
Joins two hangers together. To display multiple garments, just slip plastic connector over the neck of top hanger, and insert the hook of bottom hanger through the slot in connector for a coordinate display. Priced and packed 100 connectors per package.
» $8.90 for (100) connectors
Size Markers for Hangers
size markers for hangers
Item Number: WB25
Circular size markers attach to neck of hangers. Sizes in stock: (color coded) - S, M, L, XL, XXL. And numerical sizes: (white markers with black print) - 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. Please note each size is priced and packed 25 markers per bag.
» $3.20 for (25) markers per bag
Self-Stick Size Dots
selfstick size dots
Choice of five sizes: S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Handy 1/2" diameter round size tabs are perfect for identifying sizes on the edges of folded merchandise or hangers. With adhesive backs, and black print on a clear background. Priced 1,000 size tabs per roll.
» $5.90 for 1,000 tabs per roll
Size Wrapper Label Strips
size wrapper label strips
Item Number: WAL
Choice of five sizes: S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Customers won"t miss these 1-3/8" x 5" long clear labels, with black print repeated on a white oval background to stay visible. A great way for marking sizes on folded goods. Priced 250 label strips per roll.
» $6.90 for (250) labels per roll
White Rectangular Size Dividers
white rectangular size dividers
Item Number: D1
Help customers find their size easily. 2" x 5" high plastic rectangular dividers with dark grey embossed print fits round and rectangular hangrails. PLEASE NOTE WHICH SIZES YOU NEED, AND HOW MANY OF EACH SIZE, IN THE MESSAGE SECTION WHEN YOU CHECKOUT.
» $0.39 each
White Round Size Dividers
white round size dividers
Item Number: D2
Help customers find their size quickly and effortlessly. 3-1/2" diameter plastic round size dividers with black embossed print, fits round hangrails. PLEASE NOTE WHICH SIZES YOU NEED, AND HOW MANY OF EACH SIZE, IN THE MESSAGE SECTION WHEN YOU CHECKOUT.
» $0.39 each
Round Alphabet (A-Z) Divider Set
round alphabet az divider set
Item Number: D3
Total of (26) white dividers, alphabet set (A through Z). Ideal for sorting alterations and for layaways, and helps organize stock and control inventory. Measures 3-1/2" diameter, plastic round divider set with black embossed print on both sides.
» $15.90 per set
Chrome Hanger Stacker
chrome hanger stacker
Item Number: HS4
Prevent waste and breakage, and recycle your hangers. Stacker allows for convenient drop-in, and holds approx 100 dress hangers or 60 skirt hangers. Put them at checkout counters, fitting rooms, and storage rooms. Chrome finish, measures 35" tall.
» $13.90 each
Adjustable Hanger Retriever Rod_
adjustable hanger retriever rod
Item Number: RH
You`ll never have to stand on your toes again with this versatile lightweight hanger retriever. Adjusts with a simple twist from 36" to 60" length for those hard-to-reach displays. With grooved handles for easy grip.
» $10.50 each
Reaching Rod With Retrieval Hook
reaching rod with retrieval hook
Item Number: P48
54" length, durable chrome plated steel finish. With easy grip wooden handle. An absolute necessity in every department, allows access to hard-to-reach displays.
» $12.00 each
Flip Fold Folding Board_
flip fold folding board
Item Number: FLIP
`Flip Fold`, the ultimate folding tool, answers all of your folding needs. Made of heavy-duty durable plastic, you can fold everything with your versatile "Flip Fold" tool: t-shirts, collared shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweat shirts, pants, and towels.
» $39.00 each
Magic Clips
magic clips
Item Number: MCB, MCW
Small and strong multi-purpose clips. Approx 2" overall length with 3/8" diameter rotating ring at the top with swivel hook and tilt action. The spring clip holds items tight. Great for hanging on slatwall, gridwall, or pegboard hooks. Available in black or white.
» $0.25 each
Utility Hooks
utility hooks
Item Number: UH
White hook with strong chrome metal clip, securely holds boots, shoes, mittens, towels, bathmats, large packaged goods, etc. Solves hundreds of hanging problems.
» $0.55 each
Plastic Scarf Clips
plastic scarf clips
Item Number: M309
Black plastic squeeze clips are made of a flexible plastic that holds scarves firmly yet prevents damage from customer handling, and will not mar fabrics. Packed and priced 100 per package.
» $29.00 for 100 clips
Plastic Tie Hanger Clips
plastic tie hanger clips
Item Number: TH100
Black plastic tie hooks are made of a durable plastic that holds ties firmly in place, but will not damage fabric. Double bar helps keep ties from slipping. Each clip measures 2" wide, and 2-7/8" high. Packed and priced 100 per package.
» $8.90 for 100 clips
Plastic Sock Hanger Clips
plastic sock hanger clips
Item Number: SH100
Black plastic sock hooks are made of reinforced plastic to hold standard size adult socks and hosiery securely in place. Ready to hang up and display. Each clip measures 4" long. Packed and priced 100 per package.
» $8.90 for 100 clips
4 inch Length Chrome S-Hook_
4 inch length chrome shook
Item Number: SH
Chrome finish. Multi-purpose S-hooks are ideal for securely holding all hanging items, and are great for hanging products from slatwall or gridwall panels. Measures 4" long, and 2" wide.
» $0.50 each
Merchandising Strips~
merchandising strips~
Item Number: MSW
Display 12 punched-top items on this 22" long x 1-1/2" wide strip. Attaches to 1" display hooks for use on slatwall or gridwall, or use on any other surfaces with the foam adhesive strips that are on the backside of the merchandising strips.
» $1.50 each
Clear Adhesive Hang Tabs;
clear adhesive hang tabs;
Item Number: HTS, HTL
Show more products in less space, and give smaller items higher visibility by sticking adhesive hang tabs to small products, and displaying items on display hooks. Choice of two styles: 1" wide or 1-5/8" wide.
» $2.50 per sheet
Lexan Ceiling Clips
lexan ceiling clips
Item Number: LC
Heavy-duty clear plastic clips open up and mount to the metal "T" bars in your drop ceiling. The clear Lexan clip is almost invisible when installed. Weight capacity matches the strength of "T" bar ceiling grid.
» $0.65 each
Wire Ceiling Clips
wire ceiling clips
Item Number: CC
Lighter-duty wire ceiling clips install easily. Just squeeze ceiling clip and attach to the metal "T" bar grids in your suspended drop ceiling. 7 lb capacity, priced and packed 100 ceiling clips per package.
» $16.90 for (100) clips
Chrome Ceiling Hooks_
chrome ceiling hooks
Item Number: CCH10, CCH20, CCH30
Choose from 10", 20" or 30" lengths. Extended-length ceiling hooks are ideal for hanging grid-panels or signs overhead, and displaying merchandise at various lengths. High strength chrome-plated steel can hold up to 20 lbs. (Click picture for pricing).
Display Wire
display wire
Item Number: 36, 28
Choice of 32 gauge "thin" wire, or 24 gauge "thick" wire. Dull dark finish does not reflect light. Display wire is strong yet very thin. Multipurpose wire can be used to hang all types of items. Each roll weighs 1/2 lb. (Click picture for pricing).
Plastic Shopping Baskets_
plastic shopping baskets
Item Number: BAS902
Encourage multi-item sales by making it easy for your customers to shop and carry more merchandise. Plastic baskets in red color measure 17" wide, 12" deep from front to back, and 8-1/2" high, with double plastic handles. Super strong for long life.
» $9.50 each
Clear Plastic Garment Covers
clear plastic garment covers
Item Number: N8X21, N9X24
Available in 8" x 21" ladies size, or 9" x 24" men`s size. Extra heavy plastic with bound and stitched vinyl, with hanger opening at the top. A great safeguard for garments needing extra protection; 100 covers per package. (Click picture for pricing)
Full Length Zippered Bridal Gown Bags
full length zippered bridal gown bags
Item Number: BB72
Made of heavy-duty crystal clear vinyl, with full-length zipper closure. Measures 24" wide, and 72" long, with 6" side gussets. Priced and packed one dozen (12) per package.
» $49.00 for one dozen (12) bags
Clear Poly Garment Bags on a Roll
clear poly garment bags on a roll
Item Number: 136, 154, 172
Choice of three lengths: 36" for suits, 54" for dresses, and 72" for gowns. Protect sold goods, great for carryout. Measures 21" wide, with 4" side gussets, 1 mil thick, twice the thickness of dry cleaner bags. Each bag holds approx three garments.
» $69.00 per roll
White Poly Garment Bags on a Roll
white poly garment bags on a roll
Item Number: 0136, 0154, 0172
Choice of three lengths: 36" for suits, 54" for dresses, and 72" for gowns. Protect sold goods, great for carryout. Measures 21" wide, with 4" side gussets, 1 mil thick, twice the thickness of dry cleaner bags. Each bag holds approx three garments.
» $79.00 per roll
One-Roll Poly-Bag Rack
oneroll polybag rack
Item Number: K31
Protect your customer`s purchases. Made of 1" chrome square tubing. Bagging jack adjusts up to 68" high. Base is 13" wide x 24" deep, with ball bearing platform for ease in turning. Comes with foot activated hook release arm. (Bags sold separately).
» $64.00 each
Three-Roll Poly-Bag Rack
threeroll polybag rack
Item Number: K30
Protect your customer`s purchases. Constructed of 1" chrome square tubing. Bagging jack adjusts up to 68" high. Base measures 29" wide x 18" deep. Comes with foot activated hook release arm. Holds three rolls of any length. (Bags sold separately).
» $98.00 each
Blue Canvas Transportation Bags
blue canvas transportation bags
Item Number: HL38, HL48, HL57, HL72
Four lengths to choose from: 38" for blouses, 48" for dresses, 57" for coats, or 72" for gowns. Fully zippered, dark blue canvas, heavy-duty, water repellent. Comes with 15" wide grip-tite locking clamp bar at the top. (Click picture for pricing)
Collapsible Salesmens Racks
collapsible salesmens racks
Item Number: R111
Folding rack sets up or takes down in seconds (no tools needed), folds flat for easy transportation. Top hangrail adjusts in height to 55", 60", or 65" high. Measures 48" wide, with two 12" hangrail pullout extensions on each end. Includes 4" casters.
» $70.00 each
Folding Shelf Display Screen
folding shelf display screen
Item Number: RCA5
Dual-purpose chrome travel screen works with the collapsible salesmen`s rack shown above. Just hook onto your rack and begin to display. Also folds in half and fits onto lower base frame to serve as a carry shelf. (Click picture to view images)
» $36.00 each
Double-Sided Collapsible Racks ~
doublesided collapsible racks ~
Item Number: RSC3
48" wide rolling rack sets up or takes down easily (no tools needed) and folds flat for easy transportation. Perfect for storage, showroom, or travel. Two double hangrails adjust from 48" to 60" high, with 12" hangrail pullout extensions on each end.
» $109.00 each