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Clothes Steamers

Clothes SteamersEasy to use Clothes Steamers provide a continuous flow of steam to remove wrinkles from garments quickly and safely by using ordinary tap water. Safe for all fabrics, Jiffy steamers are widely used, and are available in standard floor model units with rolling casters for easy moving, as well as smaller hand-held garment steamers. All clothes steamers come with a factory warranty.

Jiffy Portable Hand Held Steamer
jiffy portable hand held steamer
Item Number: EST
The most powerful portable steamer available. Uses ordinary tap water in 8 oz reservoir. Has continuous steam flow for approx 20 minutes. Unit stays cool to the touch during use and features automatic shutoff. Water level window, 9 ft long power cord.
» $99.00 each
Standard Jiffy J2 Apparel Steamer
standard jiffy j2 apparel steamer
Item Number: J2
Our most popular steamer uses ordinary tap water. Designed for steaming sessions of an hour or two. Includes one gallon plastic bottle for easy filling. Cast aluminum body with casters, and 5-1/2 ft flexible hose. Comes with a one-year factory warranty.
» $219.00 each
Reliable Vivio 100GC Garment Steamer
reliable vivio 100gc garment steamer
Item Number: VIVIO 100GC
There are a lot of choices in fabric steamers, but the Vivio"s unique combination of quality components, construction quality and simplicity make it an obvious choice for both pros and homeowners. All you need is water. 3-year factory warranty, heavy-duty brass fittings throughout. (click picture for more details)...
» $149.00 each
Heavy Duty Jiffy J4 Apparel Steamer
heavy duty jiffy j4 apparel steamer
Item Number: J4
Uses ordinary tap water. Designed for continuous steaming. Has dual thermostat with "Preheat" and "Steam" settings. Rustproof water tank with water level window. Cast aluminum body with casters, and 5-1/2 ft flexible hose; one-year factory warranty.
» $299.00 each
Jiffy Liquid Cleaner
jiffy liquid cleaner
Item Number: JLC
Easy to use, 8 oz bottle. Unique liquid de-scaler removes hard water deposits and mineral deposits from steamer tank and all internal steamer parts. Can be used in all Jiffy Steamer models.
» $9.50 each
Jiffy Steam Board
jiffy steam board
Item Number: PB
Make steaming slacks and other apparel easy, and set pleats and creases quickly with the Jiffy pressboard. Attachments include hardware for mounting the steam board over a door, on freestanding legs, or on the wall. Board measures 2 ft wide x 4 ft high.
» $119.00 each
Complete Replacement Hose with Plastic Steam Head
complete replacement hose with plastic steam head
Item Number: 0251
Long reach 5-ft flexible replacement hose with a contour handle nozzle, fits all Jiffy Steamer models shown above. Durable high-heat resistant plastic steam head features an ergonomic grip for more comfortable operation.
» $69.00 each
Replacement Bottle for Standard Jiffy J2 Apparel Steamer
replacement bottle for standard jiffy j2 apparel steamer
Item Number: 0023
Plastic one-gallon water bottle fits old style and new model Standard Jiffy J2 Apparel Steamer shown above. Bottle is lightweight for easy handling, and shatterproof for durability. Comes with a standard style plastic cap without check valve.
» $17.50 each