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Straight Bar Clothing Racks

Straight Bar Clothing RacksWe carry a broad selection of Straight Bar Clothing Racks that allow you to display a maximum amount of merchandise in a minimum amount of space. Heavy-duty adjustable double bar racks offer rugged construction, and with options such as add-on hangrails, wire top shelves and rolling casters, these garment racks are a favorite choice for many retailers. Folding portable garment racks with rolling casters set up or take down easily, folding flat for easy transport. Heavy-duty industrial stockroom ?Z? frame racks are ideal for moving apparel from the stockroom to the selling floor. And economical single bar racks are a favorite low-cost option for retail or home use.

Adjustable Double Bar Racks
adjustable double bar racks
Item Number: R60
Great for holding a lot of merchandise in a limited amount of space. Measures 5 ft long, and 22" wide, with hangrails that individually adjust in height from 48" to 72" high. With `teardrop` shaped end caps for use with add-on hangrails shown below.
» $85.00 each
Add-On Hangrails For Double Bar Racks
addon hangrails for double bar racks
Item Number: R60T
Add-on hangrails connect between two existing double bar racks, to convert two racks into three (or more). 5 ft long hangrails connect to `teardrop` shaped end caps on double bar rack shown above. An economical way to show and sell a lot of merchandise.
» $20.00 per pair
Clamp-On Double Tier Hangrails For Double Bar Racks
clampon double tier hangrails for double bar racks
Item Number: R60C
Double you`re hanging space with 5 ft long chrome hangrails, complete with mounting brackets and end caps. Attach clamp-on hangrails to the base frame of double bar racks shown above. Height of clamp-on hangrails can adjusted up to approx 44" high.
» $20.00 per pair
Add-On Wire Shelf Topper For Double Bar Racks
addon wire shelf topper for double bar racks
Item Number: 103
Attaches to the top hangrails of double bar racks shown above. A great idea for sales promotions, or merchandising accessory items such as sweaters, gloves, hats, socks, or scarves. Measures 54" long x 23" wide, with a 3" high lip on all sides. Chrome.
» $49.00 each
Heavy-Duty Chrome Round Casters
heavyduty chrome round casters
Item Number: SC1-38
Deluxe Shepherd brand rolling ball casters with 3/8" stem for use with the double bar racks shown above, as well as any garment racks that accept wheels with a 3/8" diameter stem. 2-1/2" diameter wheels, chrome finish, weight limit of approx 75 lbs per caster maximum.
» $6.90 each
Stockroom Z Frame Racks
stockroom z frame racks
Item Number: EZ1
Sturdy `Z` frame racks are great for moving garments from the stockroom to the selling floor. Measures 69" high, 60" long, 22" wide. Solid racks nest together for easy storage. Heavy-duty rubber wheels for easy rolling. Orange safety base, chrome frame.
» $79.00 each
Add-On Hangrail for Stockroom Z Frame Racks
addon hangrail for stockroom z frame racks
Item Number: EZ1-AOH
Works with the stockroom `Z` frame racks shown above. Double the capacity of your rack without doubling the cost; perfect for double-hanging children"s clothes, shirts, or suits. Complete with clamps, measures 60" long, and 1-1/4" diameter. Chrome finish.
» $14.00 each
Single Bar Economy Racks
single bar economy racks
Item Number: SB48, 54, 63
Choice of three different heights: 48", 54", or 63" high, a very popular low cost medium duty garment rack. Chrome hangrail measures 5 ft long, with black upright legs. Can use optional casters shown below for easy moving. (Click picture for pricing)
Optional Casters For Single Bar Economy Racks
optional casters for single bar economy racks
Item Number: 2WC
Optional rolling wheels attach easily to the single bar economy racks shown above. Just pull out existing floor glides, push in the plastic inserts, and snap in the wheels. Designed for medium duty use. Packed and priced set of four casters per package.
» $18.00 for set of four (4) casters
Collapsible Salesmens Rack
collapsible salesmens rack
Item Number: R111
Folding rack sets up or takes down in seconds (no tools needed), folds flat for easy transportation. Top hangrail adjusts in height to 55", 60", or 65" high. Measures 48" wide, with two 12" hangrail pullout extensions on each end. Includes 4" casters.
» $70.00 each
Folding Shelf Display Screen_
folding shelf display screen
Item Number: RCA5
Dual-purpose chrome travel screen works with the collapsible salesmen`s rack shown above. Just hook onto your rack and begin to display. Also folds in half and fits onto lower base frame to serve as a carry shelf. (Click picture to view images)
» $36.00 each
Double-Sided Collapsible Racks
doublesided collapsible racks
Item Number: RSC3
48" wide rolling rack sets up or takes down easily (no tools needed) and folds flat for easy transportation. Perfect for storage, showroom, or travel. Two double hangrails adjust from 48" to 60" high, with 12" hangrail pullout extensions on each end.
» $109.00 each
Chrome Collapsible Shoe Rack_
chrome collapsible shoe rack
Item Number: K48
This sturdy, `T` style chrome plated shoe rack measures 48" wide x 66" high, and comes with eight 12" deep x 48" wide adjustable shelves, which can be used straight or slanted downward. The diagonal support bar gives this rack extra stability.
» $249.00 each