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Mini Grid Cube Merchandisers

Mini Grid Cube MerchandisersMini Grid Cube Merchandisers are one of our most popular and affordable display cube systems. Simple and easy to assemble, 14" x 14" square black or white mini grid panels snap together easily with color matching plastic connectors. Great for displaying folded goods such as shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts, as well as gifts and other items. For easy ordering, we offer complete wire grid cube merchandisers that allow you to select the size that best suits your needs. Pre-configured wire cube units come complete with everything you need to build your own grid cube displayers. Or you can order mini grid panels and plastic connectors separately to design your own display cube units. Either way, versatile mini grid cube units will help boost your sales with a contemporary look that is reasonably priced. Display cubes are in stock and ready for immediate shipping by UPS ground service.

Complete Mini-Grid Cube Merchandisers
complete minigrid cube merchandisers
Item Number: B33, W33, B55, W55
Available in black or white. Each cube bin is 14" square. Select the size that best suits your needs by choosing how many cubes high, and how many cubes wide, for everything you need to build your own cube display unit. (Click picture for more details)
14 inch x 14 inch Vinyl Covered Wire Mini-Grid Panels_
14 inch x 14 inch vinyl covered wire minigrid panels
Item Number: GN14B, GN14W
Choice of black or white. Build your own cube display in minutes. Great for folded goods, as well as other items. Easy-to-assemble mini-grid panels snap together easily with color matching plastic connectors shown below. (Sold separately).
» $1.90 each
Plastic Mini-Grid Connectors
plastic minigrid connectors
Item Number: PTB, PTW
Choice of black or white. Use plastic connectors to connect mini-grid panels (shown above) together when building cube merchandisers. "Eight-way" molded connectors are used to join mini-grid panels together at each corner.
» $0.35 each
Chrome Shelf Hooks For Mini-Grid Panels
chrome shelf hooks for minigrid panels
Item Number: WGPH
Small chrome shelf hooks are used to add adjustable shelves within existing mini-grid cube merchandisers. Just use four hooks (one in each corner) to suspend a mini-grid panel (sold separately), to add a shelf or level within a cube bin.
» $0.25 each
Plastic Cable-Tie Connectors
plastic cabletie connectors
Item Number: 08476
For heavier duty use, 7" length, optional white plastic cable-ties can be used with the plastic mini-grid connectors shown above, to help secure mini-grid panels together quickly and easily at each corner. (Click picture for more details)�.
» $8.90 for (100) ties