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Black Velvet Jewelry Displays

Black Velvet Jewelry DisplaysDisplay your jewelry and accessories at their best with plush Black Velvet Jewelry Displays that are elegant and eye appealing, yet affordable. Attractive with an upscale look, jewelry display stands are designed to display necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and watches. Great for use in display cases, or used as countertop displays. These retail jewelry displays offer classic elegance to give your jewelry sales a boost.

Sweetheart Necklace Easel
sweetheart necklace easel
Item Number: 67-4
Displays a single necklace, and folds flat for easy storage. Black velvet covered sweetheart necklace display measures 8-1/2" high, and 7-1/2" wide. Makes a rich and eye-appealing display, yet very cost-effective.
» $5.90 each
Single Necklace Easel
single necklace easel
Item Number: 60-2
Value priced necklace easel displays a single necklace, and folds flat for easy storage. Measures 12-1/2" high, and 8-1/2" wide. Covered in plush black velvet, in stock for immediate shipment by UPS ground service.
» $5.90 each
Double Necklace Easel
double necklace easel
Item Number: 4718
Perfect for use in display cases or store windows. This economical necklace easel displays two necklaces, and folds flat for quick set-up and easy storage. Measures 12-1/2" high, and 8-1/2" wide, covered in plush black velvet.
» $5.90 each
Tall Necklace Bust
tall necklace bust
Item Number: 181
Extra tall black velvet jewelry bust is perfect for holding longer necklaces. Measures 15" high, and 8-1/2" wide, with a 5" square base. This item is excellent for an eye-appealing, elegant display to make customers notice your jewelry.
» $32.00 each
Necklace Board and Chain Pad Easel
necklace board and chain pad easel
Item Number: 68-H2
Comes with 15 petite brass hooks at the top for displaying multiple chains or necklaces. Supported with double easels at the back. Very affordable display covered with eye-appealing black velvet, measures 12" high, and 15" wide.
» $9.90 each
Jewelry Bust Form on Stand
jewelry bust form on stand
Item Number: 13F
Black velvet jewelry bust form is perfect for displaying small necklaces and jewelry. Measures 16" high overall, and 5" wide. Includes a 4" high black acrylic stand that securely anchors the jewelry bust form for elegant display presentations.
» $15.00 each
T-Bar Bracelet Stand
tbar bracelet stand
Item Number: 113
Display your jewelry at it"s best. Beautiful, black velvet displays are elegant and eye appealing, yet low cost and affordable. T-bar bracelet stand measures 5" high, and 7-1/2" wide, with a 1-1/2" diameter round T-bar top.
» $12.00 each
Black Velvet Earring Cards
black velvet earring cards
Item Number: BX573
2" wide x 2" high black plastic earring cards with a velvet flocked mid-section, and molded hook tops to fit earring card displayers (sold separately). Can also hang from a display rack. Tabs flex and have holes to display one pair of pierced earrings.
» $0.19 each
Acrylic Slot-Blocks Earring Card Holders
acrylic slotblocks earring card holders
Item Number: 1657
These small clear acrylic blocks have a slot to hold the black velvet earring cards shown above. Also makes a great display holder for small sign cards, tickets, and small matted prints. Measures 1-1/2" wide, 3/8" high, and 1" deep from front to back.
» $0.75 each
Black Velvet Earring Stands
black velvet earring stands
Item Number: 241-2
Popular `arch style` earring stand displayers measure 4-1/2" high, in plush black velvet. Each stand displays one pair of earrings. Show off your best earrings with affordable elegance. In stock for immediate shipment by UPS ground service.
» $5.00 each
Black Velvet Earring Stands_
black velvet earring stands
Item Number: 240-3
Practical `T-style` earring stand displayers measure 4-1/2" high, in plush black velvet. Each stand displays one pair of earrings. Show off your best earrings with affordable elegance. In stock for immediate shipment by UPS ground service.
» $5.00 each
Watch Display Stand
watch display stand
Item Number: 101
Black velvet watch display stand has a circular spring form that is 1/2" wide, to hold a single watch. Measures 3-1/2" high overall, on a 3-1/2" wide black square base. Widely used to highlight your finest watches, and bring attention to your merchandise.
» $4.00 each
Double Ring Finger Display
double ring finger display
Item Number: 245
Widely used as a low cost affordable way to exhibit rings at their best. Attractive yet simple display gives rings an upscale look. Each display holds two rings. Black velvet ring finger display measures 1-1/2" high, and 3" wide.
» $4.00 each
Eight Groove Ring Display Pad
eight groove ring display pad
Item Number: 222
Display up to eight elegant rows of rings. Just insert rings into the grooves for an orderly, attractive arrangement. Black velvet ring pad measures 7-1/2" x 14". Can also be used to display small bangle bracelets.
» $8.90 each
Display Hands_
display hands
Item Number: G4L, G4R
Available in left or right display hands. Perfect for displaying jewelry (not for rings) or gloves. Made of flesh tone vinyl with decorative cuffs. Color infused in vinyl. Doesn"t peel, crack, fade, or chip. Measures 12" high.
» $19.90 each
Pressure Sensitive Ring Tags_
pressure sensitive ring tags
Item Number: RT
Packed 1,000 adhesive ring tags per package. Offers top security for your jewelry. White Tyvek tags are virtually impervious to ripping and tearing, and resist chemicals and steam. With adhesive free center area, ring tags measure 7/16" x 1-5/16".
» $16.50 for (1,000) tags
Jewelry Tags_
jewelry tags
Item Number: JT1, JT2
Available in two sizes, packed 1,000 tags per box. For all jewelry and small items. Made of fine quality stock, pre-strung white jewelry tags with dark red string. (Click picture to select size)
» $19.90 for (1,000) tags
Jewelry Gift Boxes_
jewelry gift boxes
Item Number: BX2, BX3, BX2783
1" high white jewelry boxes are available in three different sizes. Durable hard sided boxes are perfect for packaging or transporting jewelry. Each box includes cotton filler. Priced and packed 100 jewelry boxes per carton (Click picture for pricing)
Countertop Slatwall Cube Displayer
countertop slatwall cube displayer
Item Number: CTC-DS
Fully assembled revolving countertop display cube accepts any of our slatwall display hooks. A very popular display for hanging and displaying smaller items on a countertop. Available in 4 popular colors: black, white, maple or cherry. Measures 17" high x 9" wide, with slatwall grooves every 2" apart. Has a total of 8 square feet of display area. Includes spinner base. Ships fully assembled by UPS.
» $78.00 each